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We Develop and produce innovative and distinctive natural extracts


Natac is a biotech group dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing plant extracts and functional lipids to use as ingredients in nutraceuticals, functional food, feed, cosmetics, and as APIs. We offer a large catalogue of innovative, top-quality natural extracts, specialising in Mediterranean plants.

Headquartered in Spain, yet internationally present with the opening of new markets around the world, while maintaining the strategic location of our manufacturing, R&D and Innovation Unit, and Quality Department which secures European standards

natac sustainable development

We are proud to produce natural ingredients that are healthy for people and good for the ecosystem. We believe that our R&D know-how, corporate culture, and our business model are positively impacting the planet.

circular economy
sustainable business model

Circular economy and bioeconomy model

Our sustainable business model is based on the creation of Integral Multi-product Biorefineries. More specifically, AQUOLIVE has been developed thanks to our olive multi-stage biorefinery process, which is the first of its class at a global level and that differentiates us by key aspects: almost unlimited access to raw material –critical to address the high-volume feed market demand- and integration of our process in the industrial facilities of the largest olive biomass operator (our residues are managed downstream).

aquolive production

This production model, along with our R&D department, makes us specialists in the development and manufacturing of olive tree extracts, allowing us to offer ingredients with high concentrations of oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and triterpenes, as well as a wide variety of innovative formulas derived from olive trees with interesting applications.

our mision

Our mission is to transfer scientific knowledge to industrially viable projects that create value and improve people’s lives, and the Aquolive project is proof of it.

natac team
The Team​

An expert team


At Natac, we are firm believers in the benefits of Open Innovation. Consequently, we collaborate on several projects with the most prestigious international scientific and academic institutes, as well as entities that are experts in different areas so as to have the most innovative technologies, cutting-edge knowledge, and everything we need to move forward and accelerate the development of new products, so our customers can lead in their respective markets.


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Mediterranean Origin


The cross-sectional thematic line of all our projects is the research and development of new and innovative ingredients obtained from plants of Mediterranean origin, with especial dedication to the olive, grape/grapevine, citrus, saffron, pomegranate, and artichoke.