Aquolive published the start of sampling tests in the BIOPLAT newsletter

BIOPLAT – The Spanish Technological and Innovation Platform for Biomass, is a technical-scientific centre of excellence for key players in the bio-economy in Spain. Both in terms of biomass resources (all types of organic matter that can be recovered), transformation technologies and applications (bioenergy, bioproducts, biomaterials and biochemicals), as well as aspects of sustainability and regulatory framework.

It aims to provide a framework in which all sectors involved in the development of biomass can work together in a coordinated manner, to ensure that the commercial implementation of bioenergy and bio-products in Spain maintain continuous growth.

Natac had the opportunity to publish in the BIOPLAT Newsletter, where the progress of the project and the first samples were presented. It also highlighted the key role biomass plays in the project, and the sustainable approach to product development. This publication in the BIOPLAT newsletter provides an opportunity for Natac to be recognized among the main biomass key players in Spain.

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