Aquolive publishes its first advances in AquaFeed magazine

Under the title AQUOLIVE: Improving aquaculture production with bioactives from olive oil biomass, Natac Biotech presented the latest advances of the Aquolive project in the Aquafeed magazine.

Aquafeed is one of the most important magazines in the aquaculture sector. Aquafeed magazine is focused on advances in feed formulation and processing for aquatic species. The magazine is dedicated to empowering the aquaculture feed industry through communication from: ingredient, equipment and service suppliers, to end market buyers. has been bringing together the aquafeed value chain since 1998.

In this article, Natac highlights how the valorisation of agro-industrial biomass offers great opportunities in the development of new innovative solutions in the field of aquaculture. The Aquolive project will link olive farmers from southern Europe with Norwegian salmon producers, through the valorisation of olive biomass and the improvement of salmon quality and productivity, on a circular economy basis.

The publication in this specialised media offers a great opportunity to make Aquolive visible among the key players of the aquaculture sector. It is fundamental for the project to gain presence in these first phases of development, so that it can accompany the first round of test results.


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